We are a Caregiver Center, Head Shop, Garden Center, and glass supplier in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula! We also have all of the supplies for your indoor and outdoor gardening needs!
Open Monday-Saturday 12PM-8PM

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Open Monday-Saturday 12PM-8PM
Some of the companies and products we stock:

  • Noggin Shop Pens and Vaporizer Kits, Silicone Jars, Carb Caps, Dab Tools, E-Nails
  • Wax Off Silicone Jars and Silcone Pads
  • Vaporizers – Volcano, Pulsar
  • Vape World
  • Health Stone Glass, Eternity Triple Flame Torches
  • Pulsar Glass
  • Cornerstone Glass
  • OCBG Glass
  • Butane
  • Garden Center and Hydroponics Store


We currently have over a plethora of different Medical Flower Strains, as well as a fine selection of Concentrates and Edibles. Check out our Menu to see whats in stock!

25% Discount on all retail purchases

All Noggin Shop members are now eligible to receive discounts off of all nutrients, glass pipes, vaporizers, scales, grinders, and other glass/paper accessories!

New Products are here stop in to get yours!

Vaporizer Pens, Vaporizer Cartridges, Atomizers, Dab Tools, Silicone Jars and more to come…