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The sweet Swiss Sativa on the mother’s side gives this strain its distinct sugary berry aroma and taste, while the workhorse NL #5 x Haze on the “father’s side” (this is feminized stock, so it was also a female plant) adds robust growth and vigor while reducing overall size.  With tight internodal spacing, it is a solid choice for Haze lovers who don’t want a gigantic plant that is impossible to keep contained indoors.  The structure also tends to be fairly linear, making it a good choice for SOG methods and other vertical growing. Swiss Sativa x (Northern Lights #5 x Haze C), also called Arjan’s Strawberry Haze. Saccharine sweet strawberry + melons + flowers aroma, one of the sweetest-smelling Sativas you’ll find. Slightly less pronounced than the smell, the flavor is still almost identical to the aroma, with its candy-like fruit flavor lasting through the majority of the dosage. Energetic without being rushy, this is a social, creative type of Sativa that elevates mood and sparks the mind.